Financial Donations

Donations in all sizes help us acquire and preserve open space land in Milford, ensuring this land remains undeveloped for future generations. Bequests can be a critical source of support.

If you believe that saving natural, undeveloped in Milford is important; that you have a responsibility to protect remaining open spaces; and that we must plan for our future custodians of land, please consider making a donation to the Milford Land Conservation Trust, Inc.

The MLCT is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization: all dues, cash gifts, and land donations are tax deductible.

*Note, paying by check ensures 100% of a donation goes to MLCT.

Ways to donate:

  1. Donate unrestricted funds to support MLCT's general operating budget for land conservation projects. This is the type of contribution most needed.
  2. Make a bequest for the benefit of MLCT.

For some land conservation supporters, a bequest is the most realistic way of making a significant gift to Milford Land Conservation Trust. You may provide for MLCT by:

  • creating a new will,
  • adding a codicil to your present will,
  • including the MLCT in your revocable trust, or
  • designating MLCT as the beneficiary of your retirement plan or insurance policy.

To ensure that your exact intentions are carried out, wills, codicils, and trusts should be prepared with the advice of your attorney.

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